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A lot can happen over coffee

It had all started with that debate, he felt. That was the first time he had heard her speak. He had noticed earlier that she was beautiful, but it was only in the debate that he actually fell for her.

The topic was “Are beautiful girls less intelligent?” … a very sexist topic but that made the debate more interesting. It was a guys v/s girls debate and a guy came up with this brilliant theory of the beauty and brains product being a constant for women, so if a girl was very beautiful, she had to be dumb. It was to this remark that she had replied.

She had said “Yes, you are correct when you say that beauty brains product is a constant for girls, but I extend it to say that it is constant even for guys, but unfortunately for them, it is a negative constant because both beauty and brains in a guy is imaginary.”

It took him a while to comprehend what she had said, but when he did, for some reason he felt he had found some one with a high beauty brains product. He found some excuse to make small talk with her that day, they then along with the other debaters went for coffee. There he found something strange about her, she did not like coffee but took plain milk instead. He was a coffee lover and could not help but ask, “Won’t you take coffee?”

“No, I do not take coffee. I find it bitter.”

“What? You are missing the best non-alcoholic beverage in the world.”

She did not reply to that but went along with her friends to have her cup of hot milk.

The next day he found her again in the cafeteria, actually he was waiting for her to come. His friends had bunked class and he had pretended to leave for home and then he came back to the cafeteria.

As she went to the counter, he went next to her and ordered for coffee and said “Oh hi, so what … plain milk.”

“Yes, I guess I can live without caffeine.”

“I cannot”, he said taking his coffee. ” By the way I liked what you said yesterday, you seem to be an angry feminist out to take revenge against men who …”

She cut him short, “That was just for the debate. Hey, let us sit somewhere and talk. I do not want to stand here.”

And then they talked about coffee then about their lectures and professors and then complained about their college and so things started. He thought they clicked, they spent a lot of time together and were seen together so often that people fund it unusual if they saw any one of them alone.

He felt that this was his first serious relationship. He was on a high which he had never felt before. Things were going rather smoothly till one day they had a serious discussion on what they would do next.

“I am going to give my GRE, I hope I get a good score and go to a good university.”, he said.

“and leave me alone here.”

“Do not worry dear, when I come back I will have loads of money and you would be marrying a rich man.”

“I am serious, have you ever thought of what we will do next, I do not really have any intention of studying, I am doing a job and hopefully find some useful guy and get married to him.”

“So, am I useless. Maybe I am, but I cannot imagine life without you sweetheart.”

“You need to be serious, we are not going anywhere.”

“No, I am and I intend to come back for you.”

“When? How long should I wait? My relatives have started suggesting suitable grooms for me.”

“What, so early? you will just finish college.”

“People marry early in my community, I had told this to you. You should have done something.”

“What can I do? What are you talking? Why are we talking this? We can …”

“You just stay quiet, sit here and yes go have your coffee. I have got to leave.”

“So are you meeting one of the prospective grooms today …”

She left without replying. He knew that she would come back the next day there at the cafeteria, but she didn’t. He called her up but her phone was off. A day later she came to cafeteria, she seemed very serious. He felt she might cry anytime and she did. In between the sobs he heard how her parents had found a suitable boy for her. The boy was settled in a foreign country making loads of money. They would not get a better match for her later. He asked her if she had told them about their relationship and then she said, “Please, you will have to forget me, we have been good friends. I do not think I can wait for you, my parents will not approve and it would be best for you if you concentrate on your studies, since you are interested in pursuing MS, you should do that. You can find a much better girl than me.”

She left him and said it was best for both of them if they avoided each other. Things had happened so fast, he just did not realise how he should react, he had just not thought of this. He felt terribly low, he needed coffee then. But his coffee did not taste as it used to, it had tasted salty that day.

His thoughts were disturbed by a “Your coffee is ready.” It was his wife. As he looked at his wife, while sipping his coffee, he realised her beauty brains product was not very high, but then she made wonderful coffee.

P.S: The comment on beauty*brains = constant (if gender = female) is not mine, but I have heard it from a friend of mine.

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