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A technical proposal

He had to put the question now and he really did not know how to put it. He had a discussion with his friend on this. His friend said, “Just tell her man, give her a flower and tell her. If you are scared, call her up. But I personally would suggest the flower trick. All women fall for that.”

“How do you know that?””Experience boss … Experience”

“What bloody experience are you talking of, you almost got thrashed.”


“I know, everybody in college knows. Leave that for now, can you suggest me at least one way to say this. I say you come along with me.”

“What the F, what will I do there and what does everyone know.”

“Nobody knows a thing, it is only me and …, let that go, I have a bigger problem to face tomorrow. I say you come along with me tomorrow, just hide somewhere, in case there is a problem you come and rescue me.”

“It has been an year since you know her, nothing which requires me rescuing you will happen. I suggest you think over what to say and say it. Hey, I have got to go, phone call from home.”

“Chalo Bye, I will have to think over what to say.”

“It is not what you say, but how you say it that matters, it is all about style. I will talk to you later. Naa mamma aapse nahi dost hai …”

He decided to leave his friend there, he never knew when his phone call would end and he had realised by now that his friend would not be of much help in this matter. But yes what his friend said about style did make sense. He wondered what could be his own inimitable style.

When he was in his room, he thought of how it had all started …

It had started with her asking for help for some math problem, he did not have much of a reputation of being a math expert but she was really horrible and needed help for the simplest of things. After he had solved her doubt, she replied, “Oh thanks, I really think I will not be able to get through this subject. You can help me out. We can study jointly if you do not mind?” He could hear his friends taunting him in whispered tones now. This to him was not a request, but an offer, an offer he could not refuse.

And so it all began with joint study sessions. The more he came to know her, the more he felt that this was the girl for him. She was good at everything she did, ofcourse except for solving math problems. Eureka, that was it … math. It had to be math. He had entertained thoughts of impressing her by solving a very difficult mathematical problem, but it did not take him much time to realise that this was not the way a girl falls for a man. But if there was a way, it had to be a mathematical solution to this problem.

When she met him the next day she asked him, “So, how are you doing?”

He replied, “Not so good.”

“Why, what happened.”

“You know, I was reading something about how you need to have a balance between your work, play and your social life.”

“So …”

“I think I do not have that balance in my life. I am not sure if you understand this.”

“I think you have been reading too much these days.”

“Wait I will explain, get me a pen and a paper.”

So he started drawing figures on the paper as she wondered what he was about to tell.

“So this is it. This is my problem.”

“What? It is a Venn diagram.”

“No, this is my life. this A here is my work life, this B is my personal life and C is my social life.”, he said pointing to each of the three blocks that he had drawn.

“Hmm, are you alright? Have you drunk something?”

And pointing to the intersection of the blocks he said, ” … and this is the intersection which is the problem. It makes me think all the time and hence I can not keep my A and my B and my C separate from each other.”

“Oh, the solution is so simple, you cut that out from the Venn diagram …”

“No, I can not do that, that leaves a void in my life.”

“So what is this intersection … to be more precise who is it?”

Years later …

A kid asked, “Mom why was I named Vennu?”

She replied, “Go, ask your father.”

P.S. This post is inspired from this xkcd comic.


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  1. Milind
    January 14, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    too good. hope this vennu is not your son to be…

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