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I used to read science fiction a lot in my childhood, now I read C++, the concepts here seem closer to science fiction than reality. Take the example of polymorphism. I have cooked up a little fictional story starting with a trace of polymorphism. I hope you will like it.

This is a fictional philosophical discussion between a human and a creature of a more advanced species.

Creature to human: “We are called polymorph people. When you look at us, hear us, feel us and paint a picture of my people in your mind. That mental picture could be very different from what some other species would think of us. We project ourselves to other people the way we want to.”

Human to Creature: “Hmmm, we are not an advanced race of people as you are, but yes we too do this in our own little way. If you were to ask two people of my own race about myself, you might hear two different tales about me.”

C: “True, I have noticed this polymorphic behavior in your people too, but it is not as evolved as it is in us.”

H: “You know what I wonder is when I hear two contradicting tales about me, I at times have to accept both of them to be true. I then wonder about who the real me is, I wonder if I will ever find that out. Do you know who the real you is?”

C: “That is a question which none of our people, in spite of the millions of years of evolution and introspection, have been able to answer.”

H: “I guess the question will remain for eternity.”

C: “We have people amongst ourselves, who your people would call philosophers. They tell us that the day we find out who we are, we end. By end they do not mean death. They believe that the purpose of a person’s life is to find his true self and when he finds it, he has no purpose to live. This purpose is believed to be the driving force behind everything that a person does.”

H: “I believe this is to be true. Some people would think over who they are, while others would hunt for food without bothering about such philosophies. But yes they are all in the quest to find themselves and they do it all their lives knowingly or unknowingly.”

To be continued …

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