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The Emperor, his queen and their son (To say nothing of the dog)

Today I am going to tell you a ‘very moving’ story about an emperor, his queen and their son and yes the wonderdog Tommy in a very special appearance. You are not human if this story does not bring tears to your eyes, I cried the entire night as I wrote this story. I see you are already moving … Oh no! please do not touch that damn mouse, come on … reading a short story never killed anyone.

Ok to continue with my story, you see in those days it was fashionable among emperors to go for hunting expeditions and our emperor was returning from one such hunting expedition. A few soldiers had returned earlier with the news that the emperor had killed a large tiger. Ofcourse nobody in the country believed it, but then who could dare to openly challenge the emperor’s bravery.

After the usual welcome ceremonies were over, the emperor came back to the palace. The emperor could silence the sceptics outside the palace, but there were some in the palace who could question the truth in his story. As the emperor boasted to his queen, of how he charged towards the fleeing tiger, sword in hand, and that too when he was barefoot, the queen asked him.
“How do you chase a tiger which can run ten times faster than a man ?”
The emperor replied :

“Ordinary men can not do these, my dear, it takes an man of extraordinary strength and courage like me.”

“I do not think even our fastest messengers can outrun a tiger.”

“Yes, my dear queen, our fastest messengers cannot do it, but I can, you do not know the limits of my strength and bravery.”

“Is it so ?”, the queen replied sarcastically.

The emperor did not like this, he replied “You do not believe me, do you? Alright then I will prove to you how good I am. We will have a race of the fastest runners in the empire tomorrow and I will participate too, then you will know how wrong you are.”

“Alright, I would like to see that.”

The emperor had not expected this, but he knew that he had the advantage of being the emperor and he could do anything he wanted. He summoned his servants and ordered them to arrange a race in the palace grounds. When the queen was not there, he had a private meeting with the other runners, they were briefed about the consequences of winning a race against the emperor and were sent off. As the emperor returned to his queen, he thought “Let me see how the old bitch beats me this time.”
(Note: The emperor does not say this aloud, even an emperor does not dare to call his wife old.)

The next day, the palace grounds were a sight to watch, on one hand you could see the lean, mean looking competitors and on the other hand you had the emperor who it seemed was two people rolled into one. However this was nothing compared to what happened during the race. It seemed that the other runners had forgotten how to run, they were running in super-slow motion mode and the emperor well, as one saw him run, one felt sorry for mother earth.

The queen was not going to let the emperor have his way. As the race was going on, the queen’s servants brought the emperor’s son to the race, very close to the starting line. The boy had not the shrewdness of the queen but had inherited all the stupidity of his father. He stupidly stood there praising his father (if there was one person who believed in the emperor, this was the prince). Some of my readers (I have someone other than me reading this blog, I hope) will wonder what happened to the wonder dog that I had mentioned in the beginning. Well, he makes his entry now (drum rolls in the background). The wonder dog was the trained palace dog and for some reason was very fond of the prince, the prince however dreaded dogs and could not reciprocate the dog’s sentiments. The dog was let loose towards the prince, the dog out of love for the prince ran to him, the boy got scared and ran as fast as he could and ran in the same direction as the other runners. In just a few seconds he overtook all the runners including his father. The soldiers placed to take care of anyone who overtook the emperor could not shoot their arrows at the emperor’s son. A rather smart soldier tried to shoot down the dog, but was stopped from doing so by one of the queens attendants. He was reminded that he had orders to deal with the other runners and not with dogs.

When the race was over, the prince had to be declared the winner. The race was completed in record time and the prince and his achievements in the race were the talk of the town for years. The emperor had his illusions of “king of all I survey” broken once again and the queen lived happily as queens usually do. Wait … what happened to the dog … well he had to return to living a dog’s life. Poor dog!

P.S. This story has been ‘inspired’ by a story that I had read in Tinkle when I was younger. I actually plagiarize a lot in my blog, unfortunately this one was caught by a reader. (Yippee, there are people who read my blog )

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